Err, ingatkan omputih !

Monday, September 12, 2011


Let me introduce You to my awesome friends ! We always be together.

Name : Didiey Adyla

Name : Puteri Lily

Name : Aienna Deqna

Name : Noor Syuhada

Just to test mt English ! Kahkah.

After I think cooking cooking, so decided to introduce You all with my friends first. We are just an ordinary students ! Make crazy at school. Huha huha here and there. Love to eat. The topic we all usually discuss when we meet each other is GOSSIP ! Kahkah, GOSSIP can be discussing ? 

We also never be a Tangkai Jering with each other. Lend me your money ! Okee, Nah ! Haha ! Easy right ? Err, we can be your friend if  You being nice with us, and we can be your fierce enemy when you make problems with us ! 

Haha. Hambek kau kan dah keluar bahasa omputih aku !

p/s : Sila martabat bahasa kita. Bahasa melambangkan bangsa !


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15 comment/s

  1. hahaha..xpa,sekali sekala kita blagak omputeh sat..kekekeke

  2. ok la tu sikit2 lama2 jd banyak.. kih kih kih

  3. excuse me.................. tumpang lalu....hhehehe

  4. kawan ketawa senang cari.
    kawan menangis susah kan?

  5. Of course gossip can be discussed. You can even discussed it with scientific facts hahaha. Practice makes perfect. English is not hard dear.

  6. Anisalya : Ya, kita perlu bijak dlm berkawan =)

  7. Simply : Okee, need to practice more =)

  8. hupp...angguk laju2..."slamat berkenalan semue..(:"